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Dublin Elite Taekwondo Introduction

Taekwondo is different for each person. For some people it is a means of self-defense, while others train to stay in shape and lose weight. Taekwondo can be an exciting sport or even a way of life. We at Dublin Elite Taekwondo believe that Taekwondo can be all these things and more. We not only teach Taekwondo as a very effective means of protecting yourself and loved ones, but as a way to put discipline and focus into your life.

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Elite Minds Learning Academy

The Elite Minds program is designed to provide mastery learning in both math and reading comprehension. Building confidence and developing focus step-by-step, our program creates a solid foundation for all children.

Children attend the center once or twice a week for class and take work home to be completed on a daily basis, much like the music lessons are practiced daily.

A few minutes of disciplined study really pays off. Our goal is to develop independent learning skills in preparation for middle and high school studies.

Parental involvement is essential for success in our program. Children need encouragement and praise at home to make sure the work is completed. Together we can help your child get to the top of the class and succeed.

We have many special summer programs for learning, Such as:

Math Enrichment, Language Arts, Writers Block, Kids Coding, Spanish and German Camps, Kids Yoga
ACT/SAT Workshops etc.

  • Common Core Aligned Math & Reading Curriculum

  • Enhancing Study Skills

  • Complete Homework Support

  • Programs for ages 2-18

  • ACT/SAT Test Prep

  • Hindi, Spanish,German

  • Art

  • Science

  • Super Math

  • Creative Writing

  • ELITE MINDS UNIQUE INCORPORATION of Executive Functional Skills

For Kids

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Services Offered at Elite Minds

Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement

Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Every parent should have a main goal for their children. Their main goal is making sure th

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Homework Help

Homework Help

Too Much Homework

Does your child have too much homework? Do you fight with your child to do their homework? Is your child spending

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Reading And Writing

Reading And Writing

How to Raise a Reader

The best way to raise a reader is sharing to children why you love reading and see that you read on your own

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School Matters

School Matters

How to Practice School Manners

When children are taught good manners, they will be able to show confidence and feel comfortable. Th

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Elite Minds Learning Academy
Elite Minds Learning Academy

An All Inclusive Learning Center

Black Belt Winners
Black Belt Winners

Rishi Kolluri
Surya Kolluri
Shourya Saran
Pranav Mylavarapu & Rithvik Aravind on their new belts!

Black Belt Club

By invitation only.  We look for the students who are willing to make the commitment to becoming a 1st degree black belt and beyond. Members of Black Belt Club enjoy up to two extra classes, learning advanced techniques and leadership skills.

Pricing and Subscription

Dublin Elite
  • Two Weeks
  • Includes FREE uniform*
  • $ 49
Little Tigers (age 3-5):
  • Little Tigers (age 3-5): Four Weeks Includes FREE uniform*
  • Four Weeks
  • Includes FREE uniform*
  • $ 49
99 Adult Taekwondo & Self Defense:
  • 99 Adult Taekwondo & Self Defense: 8 Weeks Includes FREE uniform*
  • 8 Weeks
  • Includes FREE uniform*
  • $ 99
Elite Minds:
  • Elite Minds: One Month 4 classes total*
  • One Month
  • 4 classes total
  • $ 75