Taekwondo Programs

Little Tigers (4-6 yrs): This is an introduction to Taekwondo, it is a half hour of fun drills and obstacle courses which develop balance, coordination and agility. We teach the kids to be confident in themselves and be respectful to parents and teachers.

Jr. Taekwondo (6-9 yrs):This class consist of traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo. We teach forms, which helps with focus and concentration. Self defense and basic Judo.

Teen/Mixed class (10+ yrs): This class teaches the same traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo, but focuses on more difficult techniques and is a more intense training.

Adult Taekwondo: Consist  of traditional Taekwondo curriculum as well as Kick Boxing and Real World Self Defense (a mix of Judo and Hapkido training).You will learn how defend against 18 of the most common street attacks.This class is meant for you to go at your own pace depending on your skill and fitness level, remember, this is marathon not a sprint!

Black Belt Club: By invitation only.  We look for the students who are willing to make the commitment to becoming a 1st degree black belt and beyond. Members of Black Belt Club enjoy up to two extra classes, learning advanced techniques and leadership skills.