Elite Minds Learning Academy

Specialties :

Elite Minds Academy is an All Inclusive Learning Center for students of ages 3 to 18. The program aims to provide solutions to most educational needs which "Fit Every Child's Needs and Every Parent's Budget."We understand that every student is unique and their needs and learning style is as unique as they are.
Whether parents are looking for remedial or enrichment for their children, Bright Minds has programs available to accommodate those needs and demands. Bright Mind’s base program is structured, individualized, independent learning and Mastery program in math and reading but it goes far beyond just doing just doing worksheets. Coaching andprivate tutoring isalso available on demand basis.

History (Established in 2013) :

A dedicated mother of 4 children felt an urgent need for a supplemental program for Mastery of basics in math and reading for her children. She started supplementing extra work to them after school, which seems to help them greatly. They were well prepared for school and enjoyed learning so she decided to open an after school learning center and reach out to help many more children.
After running a franchised program for years with limited opportunities she decided to follow our dreams to open an All Inclusive Learning Center. With months of extensive research and consultation with experts, the Bright Minds Learning Academy was created. 
Elite Minds Academy offers a full curriculum in math and reading for drill, practice and mastery of basics for ages 3-18.In addition, a wide variety of other special programs are also offered, such as: Early Childhood Academics, Homework Help, Private Tutoring on all subjects, Science, Super Math, Study Skills, Spanish, Hindi, German, Abacus Math, Writing Composition, BeeBright-Spelling Coaching, ACT/SAT/AIR plus all other Test preparations.

Meet the Business Owner Sheila L :

A passionate educator and mother of 4 children with over 30 years of experience in educating children at schools and running her own learning centers. Mrs. Lahoti has helped hundreds of students achieve higher goals and succeed. She wishes to continue helping many more children by offering wide variety of programs to improve and enrich their study skills so they can enjoy learning, reach their full potential and succeed in life.