About Dublin Elite Taekwondo

At Dublin Elite Taekwondo we believe in a wholistic approach to martial arts. Mind, body and soul. We accept students of all ages and abilities and create training plans tailored to each student. We not only teach Taekwondo as a very effective means of protecting yourself and loved ones, but as a way to put discipline and focus into your life.

Kids & Adult Taekwondo

Learn Traditional and Olympic-Style Taekwondo.

Cardio Kickboxing

A group fitness class that combines martial arts with fast-paced cardio.


Coming Soon! Classes start September 2018.

Small Group Training

Specialized martial arts training in a small group setting.

Our School

We take pride in our School and work hard to provide a clean, safe place for our students to learn martial arts. Our instructors are hand-picked by Master Don and strive to create a positive environment for all students.

Class Types