Types of Classes

Jr. Taekwondo

(6-9 yrs)

This class consist of traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo. We teach forms, which helps with focus and concentration. Self defense and basic Judo.

Teen/Mixed Class

(10+ yrs)

This class teaches the same traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo, but focuses on more difficult techniques and is a more intense training.

Adult Taekwondo

Consists of a traditional Taekwondo curriculum as well as Kickboxing and Real World Self Defense (a mix of Judo and Hapkido training).

Private One on One Training

Private training to take your training to the next level.

Small Group Training

Specialized martial arts training.

Self-Defense Training

By Appointment Only!
This empowering class teaches the fundementals of self-defense through a combination of fitness training and martial arts.